Thursday, February 19, 2009

Another salon night...

Tonight I warmed up and was having a decent drawing session, despite it being a male model (not my favorite, in case you couldn't tell from the rest of my entries). But I missed the last hour or so when I got an important phone call.

These are 5 minute poses in ball point pen.

This guy had some weird poses, and a lot of seated poses which are easy to screw up. I think my favorite one is the top-right one on the 2nd page here.

More to come! Thanks for viewing!


ajmihara said...

It makes me think the model is lazy when they do lots of seated poses. Nice stuff tho. Are you going to salon at Cogswell or somewhere else?

Christian Van Meurs said...

Hey Amy. Yeah I've been going to salon at Cogswell the past few weeks.