Friday, February 29, 2008

A pleasant surprise...

When I got to school today around 1pm, there were some folding tables in the lobby. I didn't think much of them; it's not uncommon for the school to be hosting some sort of event where either pamphlets or food/drinks are served on these sorts of tables. As I was about to leave a few hours later, my brother called to me from down the hall to show me...

Wow! I was quite shocked to say the least (and my name is even spelled correctly!). Nobody told me this was going to happen at all. There are stacks and stacks of these to be handed out at Cogswell's open house tomorrow night, so naturally I stole a couple for myself.

Crazy! =)

Thursday, February 28, 2008

More work on the maquette...

I've added the second arm to my maquette so that the overall shape of the wrists/wings folding near the face reads like a high collar. I also tried to fix the expression but I'm not sure I like the changes now that I'm looking at the older pics. :P

Finished pics coming on Sunday.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Illustration (Fall '07)

This is work produced in Thomas Applegate's 'Illustration' class at Cogswell. I had the choice of doing either acrylic or watercolor and opted for the latter (my personal favorite wet medium). It was a great class; I wish I had time to do more painting right now. =/

The following three pages were homework assignments while we spent a month or so working on skin tones. I painted from portraits I found in newspapers, magazines - whatever I could find lying around. They are all fast drawings with between 30 and 45 minutes of paint.

This next one was painted from a live model. 2 hours is way too much time to do a watercolor portrait...

These next scans are from a bigger assignment. We had to incorporate what we learned painting from life into our own design. With Christmas coming up I chose to do something that involved Santa Clause, patterned after the Coca Cola ads of the mid 20th century, but with a twist. ;)

photoshop comp

finished painting

This next painting is a Photoshop study of a life model. The idea was that I would put my practice working with real medium to the digital test, and I was pretty happy with the results! None of the colors used were sample from the photograph.

Lastly is my final project for the class, a "master copy". I chose to do a copy of one of John Howe's watercolor illustrations for Lord of the Rings (because I'm such a Tolkien nut). I estimate I spent about 16-20 hours painting it.

Next I'll be posting some stuff from my current life drawing class, but I'm all scanned out for the night. Thanks for viewing!

Getting caught up...

Since I was a dummy and never started a blog until now, I thought I'd help kick things off by posting some stuff that I've done recently, starting with pages from my various sketchbooks. Most of these are super fast drawings (1-2 minutes); every once in a while I sit down and start drawing and the next thing I know hours have gone by and I have pages and pages of these. Lately I've been drawing lots of heads, and I mean LOTS of heads. Every spare square inch of every handout I get in class has some kind of face on it. I'm experimenting with different styles right now, trying to find my own.

Next I'll be posting stuff from my Illustration class that I took in the Fall of '07.

Yay clay!

I thought I'd go ahead and take some better pics of the stuff I have done in my Portrait Sculpture class so far, while I had some decent afternoon lighting coming through the sliding door.

Here are a couple more shots of my work-in-progress maquette (due next Monday). Still has quite a bit of work left to do as well as some notes scribed into the surface to remind me to change things.

I think I captured my trademark pissed off look pretty well.

These heads were done from life, generally a 2-class session with the same model for a total of about 4 hours of total scupting time each (except for #3 which was one 2-hour session).

And finally my fillet head, which didn't quite get done. Cool skull though eh?

Tonight I'll be posting some of my drawings if I can get some decent lighting set up somewhere...

Monday, February 25, 2008


Today I sat in on the beginner figure drawing class so I could go home early. They were learning to draw crude heads quickly, so our model was doing dozens of one minute portrait poses. Rather than waste paper drawing lollipop heads, I decided to try to put more detail into key poses the model was taking over and over again... at least that was the idea. I never got quite the same pose twice so most of these drawings just took on a life of their own. Although the one in the center turned out ok.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Well I've spent a good amount of time in the past week working on my Portrait Sculpture mid-term project: blending my face with an animal's face (in this case a bat).

Below are my original "thumbnails" and two work-in-progress pics of my maquette that I snapped today while I was working on it; I got a lot done but still have a bit to do...

That's it for now.

My own blog, yay.

Well I guess with me graduating this year, it's about time I started a blog to post my latest works. Hmm. I'll try to update this as much as I can, so check back!