Sunday, October 25, 2009

One beautiful October afternoon...

Work in progress painting of the river by my parent's house recently.


cornelis said...

I was surpiced to find the blogspot of an artist with almost the same initials are C.v.M.
meaning Cornelis J. van Meurs. There's a big difference. i live on the other side of the globe, The netherlands, and, nevertheless important, am almost 75 years. And I am curious about your back ground, or maybe, you could be related in one way or another.

Her's my blogspot,
let me know what you think about it. geetings, Cornelis

Christian Van Meurs said...

Hi there! Sorry I have not checked my blog in a long time. Nice to meet you! It's always nice to meet another Van Meurs, there are very few here that we know of.

Firstly I love the stuff on your blog, especially the watercolor (my personal favorite traditional medium). You are very good.

I'm 32 years old living in the San Francisco area, working in the video game industry ("social" Facebook games and iPhone games right now).

According to my dad the earliest Van Meurs here in our family tree was my great grandfather Jack (or Jaques?) Van Meurs, who I guess came here to California as a young man and was the west coast representative for either Blue Star or White Star shipping (my dad is not sure which right now).

So perhaps we are related? Nice to meet you nonetheless. :)

Christian Van Meurs said...

Also here is a link to my more current online portfolio.